Fleetwood Mac Reunion With Lindsey Buckingham Leaks?


The Eagles are getting gearing up to embark on one, Aerosmith and KISS are also eyeing the end of their touring days. Meanwhile, Elton John just wrapped his last go-round. Paul Simon has already dotted his i’s and crossed his t’s.

Showbiz411 reported that:

“Fleetwood Mac may be next. There is even talk, sources say per Mick Fleetwood, of reuniting with Lindsey Buckingham, who was fired from the group a couple of years ago. But with the passing of Christine McVie, it makes sense to get Buckingham back in the fold. He and Stevie Nicks can fight once the tour is over and they’re in nursing homes, frankly.”

It has been also noted that John McVie retired from touring. Fleetwood Mac now would just be Mick and Stevie. They need Lindsay Buckingham, writer of many of their hits, to get on board.

A Mac attack in 2024 would be an easy sell out, too, for arenas. A solid, big name younger act would be a good opener. The Mac can fill three hours without a doubt, and now they’d have a memorial tribute that bring everyone would to tears.

Now the question stands, when all these groups would wrap it up and who will take their places? Yes, the Stones, McCartney and Springsteen, and Ringo Starr, are still out there. But the era of live Classic Rock is is certainly fading away.