Steven Tyler Drops Aerosmith Movie Bombshell


Steven Tyler hinted at a possible new Aerosmith Las Vegas concert movie in the future in a new social media post.

Pillis posted, “Steven teases a new blu ray release.” Tyler said on the Instagram post that Pillis referred to, “VEGAS… THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING YEAR! IF YOU THOUGHT 2019 WAS HOT… JUST WAIT UNTIL THE NEW YEAR… IT IS GOING TO GET HOT AF🔥 #DEUCESAREWILD #AEROSMITH @aerosmith 🎥 @justinmcconney @theaaronperry 🎞✂️ @justinmcconney.”

Steven Tyler charging huge money for photos was just revealed. Warmaker responded, “How did you get this idea…? I mean, I kinda expect some DVD/BR release once the LV residency is over, but I am just curious if you know something that we don’t…?”

Pillis shot back, “He used [filming] and [cutting] emojis probably meaning they’re already editing the final product. Just speculating. It would make sense as the staging was so good. I don’t expect them to bring all of that stuff in Europe for next year, maybe the logo with the lights but since they’re playing big venues as usual forget audiophile 3D sound and intimate catwalks.”

Warmaker then said, “Ah, this… Hate to piss on your parade 😉 but this basically means that the movie clips were filmed by Justin and Aaron, while the latter emoji means the editing was done by Justin. It’s not to say there isn’t a DVD/BR coming. That would be nice, although still not quite enough for 50th anniversary.”

Pillis said, “Oh I see…well I still expect a BR release of the vegas shows at some point, maybe a best performances collection like the one in Japan.” Steven Tyler’s daughter recently revealed a huge ‘gut’ photo.