Foo Fighters Announce Project Featuring Pokemon


Foo Fighters have launched the Footo Booth 2000, where fans can go on their website and have their photograph taken. Dave Grohl posted his own ‘Footo’ featuring Pikachu from Pokemon and unicorns.

Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett discussed President Donald Trump and right wing populism in a new interview with Powerplay Magazine when he was asked about the voice of the working class. Alternative Nation transcribed Shiflett’s quote.

“There’s a worldwide populist backlash against the power elite, heading all of us in a certain direction. Unfortunately, the outcome of that is to leave a lot of working people thrown by the wayside. That rears its head in the ugliness of Donald Trump and I know you guys have your own version of that and all over Europe there’s a populist, right wing parties popping up, and it’s fucking scary.

I’m an old fashioned Democrat, and we have nobody that’s going to oppose him [Trump] in a meaningful way. Hopefully that’ll develop in the next four years. I don’t view Trump supporters as the enemy. I don’t agree with them politically but a lot of people who voted for Obama turned around and voted for Trump, so we need to find out why that is. If the Left don’t reach those people, we’re in really big trouble. Working people are not our enemy, we should be on the same [inelligible] here.

One of the wonderful things about music is that it gives a voice to those people who don’t necessarily have a voice, and it’s a tricky thing to do. I did think about that a lot, I just try to weave those details in [my music]. The reality is that I haven’t been part of the working class in a fucking long time, but I don’t wanna shake my roots. I like my roots, I like where I came from.”