Blink-182 Reveal ‘Multiple’ Conversations With Tom DeLonge


Blink-182 singer/bassist Mark Hoppus revealed in a new Maxim interview that he has spoken with Tom DeLonge a ‘couple’ times since he’s left the band. Prior to this, he previously claimed he had spoken to him once. DeLonge has told fans that he has communicated with Travis Barker multiple times since leaving Blink-182, discussing possible future projects and sharing jokes.

Hoppus told Maxim, “I’ve spoken with him a couple times. I have nothing but the highest regard for Tom and wish him the best in everything that he does.”

He also discussed DeLonge’s obsession with aliens and conspiracy theories, and where the bizarre interest came from.

“I don’t know, but he’s always been really in to aliens and conspiracy theories. It’s always been something that’s very important to him and he’s always pursued. He does a lot of research and gathers a bunch of information, and he would talk about it all the time.”

He also discussed how Blink-182 have remained popular over the years.

“For us as a band, we’ve always just kept out head down and written music that we’re proud of and means something to us. When we first started off, we were not popular. Success kind of came to us, we didn’t have to really change what we did. And that’s how we still approach it. We do best when we don’t really second-guess ourselves, and just write stuff that means something to us.”