Watch Foo Fighters Have Another Fall Offstage, Is Dave Grohl Okay?


Foo Fighters are currently touring Europe, and at a recent show, Dave Grohl decided to troll the fans and stage a re-enactment of his 2015 fall offstage that left him with a broken leg. Foo Fighters took the stage and it appeared the Grohl fell offstage onto padding, until the real Dave Grohl came onstage, and it was revealed that he hired a stuntman! Watch the hilarious moment below!

Inte den här gången Göteborg

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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed crashing Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral recording sessions in a new British Airways’ High Life magazine interview.

“There are so many places to hide, whether it’s taking a motorcycle up the Crest Highway, or hiking up north in Ventura. I used to be really into biking in the Valley mountains: you feel like you’ve escaped. You will see a mountain lion and you will get lost.”

“In 1992 it was so hot in the Valley, and every day my friend and I would look for a place with a pool. One day, he goes, ‘Guess where we’re swimming? In the house of the Manson Family murders!’ We get there and Nine Inch Nails were making a record in the house, and we spent a week hanging out.”

He also remembered hanging out with the late great Lemmy at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood.

“The Rainbow Bar and Grill is my favorite place to drink in LA because it’s the least pretentious bar in the world. Everyone’s welcome. You see businessmen, but you also see people who worked for Whitesnake in 1982. I was there once having drinks with Lemmy and the bartender brought him his mail. The pizza’s great, too.”