Weezer Singer Reveals How Radiohead ‘Randomly’ Create Lyrics


Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo recently wrote on Instagram about Radiohead:

“Ever try the supposed Kid A Thom Yorke method of cutting up lines, throwing them in a hat, pulling them out randomly and then lining them up one by one with minimal to no rearranging? Wah-lah! lyrics!”

Cuomo also recently announced that Weezer would have new music out on June 12th. Weezer have long been hinting that their new album would be titled the black album, their next colored album followed the white album, red album, green album, and blue album.

Weezer recently covered Toto’s “Africa.” You can listen below.

NPR reports: Why is the decision by a long-standing Southern California pop-punk band to faithfully render a hit by an even more long-standing group of ace LA studio musicians the ultimate evidence that life online has destroyed both logic and human intuition?

First, some backstory. Weezer, the Los Angeles-based quartet that emerged in the 1990s with bemusingly catchy hits like “Buddy Holly,” is one of a handful of pop-punk bands that, like Wooderson in the movie Dazed and Confused, keep getting older while a good chunk of their fan base stays the same age — 14. Back in December, one such kid thought it would be funny to suggest on Twitter that the band cover the soft-rock megasmash. Why? The kid herself, named Mary, didn’t know, she told a reporter who tracked her down, though she has probably come up with something by now, in that 14-year-old way rationalization follows impulse. (I know from teen logic — I live with a high school freshman who adores both Weezer and “Africa.”)