Foo Fighters Big Hotel Credit Card Bill Revealed


Foo Fighters revealed how many American Express credit card points they spent on hotels and expenses for Sonic Highways in a new Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe.

Dave Grohl: We’ve always been sort of self- sufficient, in a way, and we’ve always worked within our own weird little bubble. So whenever we come up with an idea, it’s really this small team of people to make it happen. We don’t really have to ask permission to do things. We just come up with an idea and do it. Because we have that creative freedom, I think it fuels us and inspires us to do more.

But yeah, the Sound City documentary was one thing that was an interesting one-off, but then the Sonic Highways’ idea was really just to sort of not only explore the concept of atmosphere influencing the ultimate result of what you’re recording, but also something that gives a little more context or perspective to music, to American music or the things that inspire us or why we make the music that we do. Also, we don’t really overthink things.

We’re kind of impulsive where we have an idea and then we just do it. I bet that if we had to sit down and have meeting after meeting after meeting with boardrooms full of people to try to explain ourselves, that half of the sh-t we’ve done would never have happened. So we just kind of just do it.

Taylor Hawkins: And a lot of times people don’t necessarily think it’s a good idea and we still do.

Dave Grohl: That’s true. We’re like “F-k you, we’re doing it.”

Taylor Hawkins: Sonic Highways, just to make that happen, it was an expensive project. And we went to all these people, Dave went to all these people and our management went to all these people, “We need this kind of money to do it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” And everyone’s like, “No.” So we have been using the same American Express card since the beginning of the band. We had 50 million points on it or something like that. So we used the American Express – And we used all the points from that f-king credit card to pay for f-king travel and the hotel rooms for Sonic Highways.

Dave Grohl: Also, Pat was like… He’s like, “Wait a minute. When we were young and we wanted to make a record, what would we do? We would go play a gig. And we’d take that money, go to a studio and record it. Then we’d play another gig and we’d take that money and send it to the pressing place or whatever.” He’s like, “We should just play a gig. So I called our booking agent, emailed the person who I’ve never f-king met. And I was like, “Hey, did they have a stadium in Mexico City?” And they were like “Yeah.” So we did it!

Taylor Hawkins: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.