Tool Member Breaks Silence On December Tour Dates


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan promoted tickets for The Dina Martina Christmas Show in Seattle from December 11th – December 27th. The tickets and performances are online, but this angered a fan who thought Keenan was promoting a string of actual live shows with fans in Seattle.

Maynard first tweeted, “Do yourself a favor. Dina Martina Christmas Show. There are Comedians/Performers and then there is @dinamartina ALL others fit neatly below. Link for her tickets here- Photo by @travis_shinn.”

A fan named Jason responded, “People are still doing live shows? Good to know @mjkeenan endorses covid.” Keenan shot back, “Online, trigger.”

Tickets are $22.50, and the show description states: “‘Tis the season for one of the most surreal and hysterically funny Christmas shows ever: The Dina Martina Christmas Show! Join ‘The Second Lady of Entertainment’ as she welcomes you into her home and fills you with a distant facsimile of the holiday spirit.

Marvel at her fireside chats; question her fashion choices; sit with her at the dinner table and listen in awe as Miss Martina and lauded music man Chris Jeffries ‘interpret’ Christmas songs of all kinds – in English! As you experience Dina Martina’s wonderfully tragic brand of entertainment, you’ll see why she’s elicited these glowing endorsements:

John Waters – ‘Dina Martina goes way beyond drag into some new kind of twisted art!’

Graham Norton – ‘Dina Martina is hilarious like no one else I know!’

Dan Savage – ‘Absolutely high-f**king-larious! Go! Go! GO!’

Michael Musto – ‘Staggeringly funny! A master comic!’

Walk (don’t run) and get your tickets now!”