Foo Fighters Fans Angered By First 2020 Concert


Foo Fighters apologized to fans who were having issues getting tickets to their digital performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Foo Fighters recently reacted to Pat Smear’s absence.

Foos tweeted, “We see some of you are having trouble grabbing tickets right now and assure you @nocapshows is on it! #FFRoxy #FooFighters.”

Mike Ganrude wrote, “Foo Fighters and Nocapshows. I give up. Sorry Foo, but No Cap doesn’t have their shit together. Was looking forward to this…”

Mike Dickrede said, “Foo Fighters I got all the way to selecting a country and the moment I selected United States it went back to the ‘hang tight’ message.”

Rochelle Griger Wilkinson chimed in, “Foo Fighters this must be what purgatory feels like.. redemption just on the other side.. if only i could check oh bloody hell I am sorry for all of my sins.. let me in to heaven already.”

Mike Harris tweeted, “Now I have a button that says CHECKOUT and I press it and nothing happens.

C’mon @nocapshows – you have to be better than this. I have a button I can’t press. It is almost like you weren’t ready for A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE who want to listen to

Garry Griffin tweeted, “@foofighters and @nocapshows. Hanging tight. Can’t DM nocap for info and im baffled that they didn’t see this influx of people to a Foo Fighters live show happening like this. Poor service.”

J-Rogue concluded, “@foofighters and @nocapshows. Appreciate Foo’s efforts in putting on a show for us, but big failure from @nocapshows to handle the issue, or even to provide timely updates.” Foo Fighters had a big name sponsor for the show.