Scott Stapp Makes Creed Reunion ‘Promise’


Scott Stapp has confirmed to 104.9 The X how Creed could announce a potential second reunion tour.

Stapp said, “Well, to start off, first and foremost, the most important thing is everything is positive and the relationships are good with the band. We talk, we’re in communication — it’s all positive there.

And I’ll tell you what: if there’s any announcements or any news about any new music or anything beyond that, I promise you we will put out an all-points bulletin and let everybody know. Right now, I’m focused on my latest solo record, ‘The Space Between The Shadows’, and currently my new single ‘Survivor’. But I promise you, we will let everybody know.”

A Creed member just confirmed he has a ‘good relationship’ with Scott Stapp. Creed just announced on Facebook, “Head to Walmart this Saturday, 11/14, for their huge one-day only vinyl sale! Our Greatest Hits 2-LP, available exclusively at Walmart, will be included for just $15! In stores only. Check your local store for availability.”

A fan named Jess commented, “Wish they would do a reunion tour…even though, Alter Bridge is around.”

Chris added, “Let’s be real when is the reunion tour? At least you guys could give us good news no one else will!”

Isabel concluded, “The best group ever! The best songs ever that we can all relate too! Love Creed for life! New album and new songs please!!!” Scott Stapp has reacted to a joining Velvet Revolver rumor.