Foo Fighters Fans Upset At ‘Big Mess’ At Concert


A fan of Foo Fighters on Reddit recently shared a warning for people going to concerts in Cardiff and Birmingham this week. They said last night’s show was amazing but also a big mess. Ticketmaster, which doesn’t allow screenshots for entry, kicked people out of their accounts and crashed because too many people were using the app. The stadium’s Wi-Fi and mobile data were overwhelmed, so many couldn’t load their tickets and were stuck outside for over an hour. Despite trying with security to get in, using phones and hotspots, they missed seeing the support acts they were excited about.

Foo Fighters fans upset with Ticketmaster

Security asked for a screenshot, but Ticketmaster was right—screenshots didn’t work. They managed to briefly show their ticket from an email before losing internet again. Luckily, a nice security lady let them in just ten minutes before Foo Fighters started playing.

After this, they advised others in Cardiff and Birmingham to sign into the app early and use the ‘remember me’ option, even though it didn’t work for them because of the app problem. They said it’s crucial to screenshot the barcode and the original ticket confirmation email. They heard from a security guard that screenshots of the barcode might be accepted for entry.

Looking back on the chaotic night, they thanked the kind security staff who helped them get inside despite many people struggling with tickets. They criticized technology’s problems in situations like this and suggested using paper tickets instead for reliability.

They wished good luck to everyone going to the upcoming concerts and warned them to be prepared after their tough experience.

In related news, a Foo Fighters’ guitarist also attended a Taylor Swift show despite their teased feud.