Foo Fighters Leak New Song For Nirvana Reunion Show


Foo Fighters are hinting at a massive tour and new album for 2020 to celebrate their 25th anniversary as a band. System of a Down’s singer ‘refusing’ a Dave Grohl tour was just detailed.

Foo Fighters posted a recording photo from a bathroom on New Years that said, “Come on in, the water’s fine…#FF2020 #FF25 #HappyNewYear.” This news comes in the wake of news that Nirvana will reunite for a charity performance on Saturday at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. They also posted a new song teaser video, with fans speculating if maybe it will be played as a surprise at the Nirvana show.

Laura commented, “Happy New Years Dave and all the Foos! Dave- I got an electric guitar for Christmas and starting lessons next week… guess who inspired me all these years??? Yes .. YOU!! I adore you and I hope to be playing along with your music in a couple of months or more.. thanks Dave!! But I wont be playing guitar in the bathtub! You do know that can be a bit dangerous! Be careful, but keep rocking! Love you guys so much!”

Todd chimed in, “A wired mic in a bath tub doesn’t sound like a great idea. We lost one original member of of Nirvana to tragedy, we can’t lose Dave too. (Or any of the other Fighters of Foo). Love you guys. Stay strong.” Nirvana’s terrible reunion show ticket prices were just revealed.