Foo Fighters ‘Losing’ Rock Hall of Fame To Big Name


Foo Fighters are losing when it comes to leading the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 vote. Fela Kuti have 147,111 votes and are leading, followed by Tina Turner at 123,302, Foo Fighters at 91,800, and Iron Maiden at 79,316. Two former Foo Fighters members were snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Nate Mendel recently discussed joining Foo Fighters on Apple Music. He said, “The cassette Joe and I were talking about was the first album, the first Foo Fighters record. At that point in time, it was a series of demos that Dave had recorded, and he duped them onto cassettes and they just floated around town and most of the musicians had them, including me. I got it about the same time that Sunny Day Real Estate was falling apart and that I was getting to know Dave. We’d hung out a few times. He’d come to a couple of Sunny Day shows, and we’d hung out outside of that a couple of times

I got wind that the songs on that cassette may turn into a band, and so I just worked up the nerve to call him and talk to him about it. We got together and jammed a little bit. It was funny. It was at his house. It was just me and him at first. He was playing through a tiny amp and I was playing through a karaoke machine. Then we got together with our first drummer at his parents’ house in the basement and jammed, and it was upstairs in the kitchen. He just said, “Hey, you guys want to be a band?” I’m like, “Yes, absolutely, let’s do this,” and so here we are.

The cassette was great. We talked about maybe rerecording it now that there was a band, but it was like, “Why? This is awesome. Let’s just put this out, because there’s not really a lot to be improved upon.” The song on it that really caught my attention and made me want to be in the band was Exhausted. It reached out and grabbed me in a way that made me think that there was maybe some potential in this band. It had a special X factor to it.”