Foo Fighters Member Rejects Offer To Join Pearl Jam


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed in a new interview that he was invited to join Pearl Jam as their new drummer sometime before the official formation of Foo Fighters. Eddie Vedder recently ‘lashed out’ after an awful attack.

A new Guardian article states, “After Cobain’s suicide, Grohl received invites to join the likes of Pearl Jam but refused offers.”

Grohl said in the interview, “After Nirvana ended, I didn’t wanna play music. I sure as fuck didn’t wanna go be someone’s drummer. I knew that it would remind me of Nirvana. I’m very proud. Nirvana changed my life for ever but there were times when I wanted to escape it. Just picking up an instrument or turning on a radio made me so sad. Then I realised that doing the thing I’d always done – go to a basement, record by myself – might restart my heart.”

Another Foo Fighters member dreamed of joining Motley Crue. Grohl also discussed the states of politics in the United States, saying that he grew up in a household where his parents had differing political views, with his father being a Republican speechwriter, and his mother being a teacher who leaned Democrat.

“I know what it’s like to be in the middle. Difficult, but there is a middle.”

He also said when discussing how fans at concerts are united when drinking alcohol, “One of the things that’s wrong with Washington, DC is that no one drinks any more,” he says. “We have a president who’s never had a drink. That terrifies me more than his Twitter. The guy needs a drink, big time. Today.”

Dave Grohl’s Off Camera interview was recently uploaded to Netflix, filmed a few years back. The description states, “Being a bona fide badass is the price of entry for a career in rock and roll; and if you ask Dave Grohl, it’s the key ingredient for just about anything worth doing. His approach to life has fueled the Foo Fighters’ 20 year,11 album career and garnered him a following of very stoked rock fans, many of who gathered at this year’s SXSW music conference to hear Grohl’s keynote address.

The hipsters, rockers, start-uppers and next-big-thing developers packing the room were no doubt curious to hear how one goes about dropping out of high school, rising to fame as the drummer in Nirvana (a small Northwest act you may have heard of), and then go on to lead one today’s few remaining true rock bands? For Grohl, the answer’s pretty simple: figure out who you are and what inspires you and don’t look back – develop that individuality by working as hard as you can at what you love.” A Foo Fighters member revealed a bold KISS secret last week.