Foo Fighters Member Reveals Truth About Drummer


As the anticipation builds for his solo performances in late August and the highly awaited Ohana Festival show alongside Foo Fighters on October 1, Chris Shiflett engaged in a candid discussion with Los Angeles Daily News. Within this conversation, the seasoned guitarist shared his excitement about the addition of Josh Freese as a new member of his band, shedding light on the dynamic musical relationship that has been brewing over decades.

Shiflett’s words resonated with a sense of camaraderie as he remarked, “It’s great for me to have Josh in the band because I’ve known him for a very long time.” The two musicians first crossed paths during the early ’90s when Freese lent his talent to a band Shiflett was a part of. The journey that followed was one of mutual admiration and connection, as they frequently encountered each other throughout the years. However, the opportunity to collaborate on a consistent basis eluded them until now. Shiflett shared his enthusiasm, saying, “I’ve been a fan, an admirer, and a friend for a long time, but I’d never gotten to play with him in a band day after day and show after show… I love it, and he’s fantastic.”

As reported by Rock Celebrities – In the months ahead, music enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing Shiflett’s performances at both national and international festivals, alongside Freese and the rest of the Foo Fighters. Furthermore, Shiflett will grace the stage solo at the Belly Up in Solana Beach and The Venice West in Venice on August 24-25, where he will offer a taste of his new album ‘Lost at Sea.’

During his exchange with Los Angeles Daily News, Shiflett delved into the themes that color his latest musical venture. Reflecting on the creative process during the lockdown period of 2020-2021, he shared, “I pretty much wrote all the songs during lockdown in 2020-2021, except for ‘Damage Control.'” This introspective approach culminated in a record that carries personal significance.

One track that holds a unique narrative is “Damage Control,” a song that traces its origins back 15 years. Shiflett’s candid assessment of the original demo hinted at its transformation, revealing, “It’s pretty different from the demo, which I will never play anyone because it’s really, really [bad]. But now it’s one of my favorite songs on the whole record.” The infusion of Charlie Worsham’s contribution, both vocally and instrumentally, and the inclusion of a banjo track have revitalized the song, breathing new life into it.

As Shiflett gears up for a series of performances that bridge connections and emotions, his insights provide a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of his musical journey. The collaboration with Josh Freese and the evolution of his new album ‘Lost at Sea’ serve as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of an artist’s expression and the profound impact of shared musical experiences.