Foo Fighters New Album ‘But Here We Are’ Leaks


The Foo Fighters newest album, ‘But Here We Are’ leaked a day early and fans were eager to speak on the album. Many fans flooded the Reddit page dedicated to the men in the Foo, and maybe not so shockingly, fans loved what they heard.

The original planned date for the album’s release was June 2nd, but fans nabbed it a bit early.

The original poster said: “Usually it gets to a point where albums are being released in a bands career and it’s just meh. You can tell they have made a ton of money and are just doing it for the fun of writing music. So far the songs that have been released have been amazing. This is a band that is so consistent over the years but this is panning out to be a great album. This has the full vibes of a early 2000s foo. album. You gotta take your hats off to them.”

From here, swarms of fans also followed in the praise of the new album, which many deemed as their best work since the early 2000s, certainly a big hill to run up.

Another commenter said: “After the first 2 singles I said I didn’t expect this album to be musically genius because it was made in such a short time and maybe that wasn’t the focus anyway (and that I would be perfectly fine with it). I would like to use this as an opportunity to say I think I was dead wrong.”

However, not everyone felt this way, as one fan was a bit more “realistic” in how they felt.

They said: “Maybe I don’t drink the Kool Aid, but most of the albums in general after There Is Nothing Left To Lose and excluding Wasting Light have a lot of meh on them. They all have good to great songs, but there’s also a lot that I skip.”

Have you heard the album yet? What are your thoughts?