Pearl Jam Releasing Sequel Album In 2023?


For decades, the world of rock music has witnessed countless bands come and go, their legacies often fading into obscurity. However, there is one band that has defied the test of time, captivating audiences and etching their mark in music history. That band is none other than Pearl Jam. With a career spanning over three decades, their devoted fans have patiently awaited their every move, and we may have a scoop on what that next move might be from a familiar member of the band.

Set to announce some news on June 5th, Stone Gossard teased a possible new Pearl Jam album along with some more B-side and lost track material.

Via our source for all things Pearl Jam, Demetrios stated on Twitter: “Additionally, he shares insights on the 25th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s “Yield,” the unreleased songs from that album, and the possibility of a “Lost Dogs Vol. 2.” Gossard also provides an update on the next Pearl Jam album, which is being produced by Andrew Watt.” as it refers to the upcoming Stone Gossard interview.

Fans of Pearl Jam have become well-accustomed to waiting. There have been points where Pearl Jam would go through long wait periods between records, and their last record, well, it didn’t captivate many as much as the band would have hoped. So, the band seems ready to give it another go.

Some fans feel that Pearl Jam have gotten too far away from their early sound, but Demetrios also stated that maybe that won’t be a cause for concern anymore.

They said: “Andrew Watt is reportedly pushing for a more immediate and possibly classic sound for the upcoming release.”

With all this talk, we will have to see what happens, if anything does at all. Keep it here to see what that news is on June 5th.