Van Halen Icon Reveals Big Name Got Him On Marijuana


Van Halen icon, David Lee Roth was interviewed on recent edition of Scott Lipps’ podcast, Lipp Service.  Here, the former Van Halen frontman revealed how marijuana culture authorities Cheech and Chong originally influenced Roth when it came to the drug cannabis. Alternative Nation transcribed Roth and Lipps’ comments. Alternative Nation transcribed Roth and Lipps’ comments. A Van Halen icon revealed a hangover photo after getting drunk yesterday.

Roth: What is a current in terms of recreational, for me, sure, was recreational early on. I started off with Cheech and Chong. Now, here’s a little sidebar. When I did some med training paramedic stuff. I went out at school, tactical school with two game wardens from Alaska – guy and a gal.

We had dozens of dinners together because we were out in barracks together for two and a half weeks or whatever the hell it was. They had the same story I did and I’ll tell it in my own way but it’s the same story. They grew up out on the ice, out in the rivers and everything. I said: “Man, my best years of my early time is in Indiana chasing or getting chased.” Where’s that..

[Roth imitates getting scared]

Roth: Catch a chicken, catch a chicken. Yeah, I said that I grew up chasing the wolves, the birds now that I’m older, I protect them.

Lipps: I love it, a lot of people don’t know that you were an EMT.

Roth: No, no I protect em’, for whatever value that could be. The same goes for the pot world. There is a lot going on with it that’s really a difficult vibe. So when you say that I put out a brand. Well for starters, I smoke pot not for any recreational value whatsoever. If you wanna do recreation, let’s do some bourbon whiskey, scotch, a little ice and some loud African-American music.

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