Foo Fighters Offer To Big Name Bassist Revealed


Foo Fighters are one of those bands that no matter what they do, everyone will be interested in what they’re doing. The staying power and star power of the band is something that hasn’t been duplicated since the birth of the band coming out of the end of Nirvana. The band, along with Dave Grohl are incredibly respected not only for how they are in their personal lives, but by their music as well.

Seen backstage recently with the Foo Fighters was legendary bassist and rock icon, Gene Simmons. He was taking a video of the band while they were speaking to fans and signing autographs. Gene then turns the phone to Taylor Hawkins.

When Gene does this, he says he’s looking for a gig. Taylor shines a smirk at Gene and then the two start discussing what all will be involved. Gene Simmons being Gene Simmons asks Taylor Hawkins “How much does it pay?”. To which Taylor seemed a little taken back by Gene’s very upfront question.

To answer this, Taylor didn’t really go into much detail and said that Gene would be put on a pay scale rather than giving a totally upfront number, but I would imagine it would be something pretty hefty not only because it’s the Foo Fighters, but also because it’s Gene Simmons as well.

We will have to wait and see if this becomes a thing as Dave Grohl recently did a cover of KISS’ ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ to celebrate Hanukkah as he did with many other artists as well. Grohl closed out his eight days of celebrating Jewish musicians with the legendary number by KISS and Gene Simmons as Dave Grohl was painted up as The Demon himself.

Give the discussion between Taylor and Gene a look below with us.