Foo Fighters Perform After COVID Emergency


Foo Fighters performed “Learn to Fly” on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday at the Troubadour, their first concert since the COVID crisis. The band performed their 1999 classic as part of a campaign to save struggling concert venues.

Foo fans on Reddit noted that Dave Grohl seems to have his voice back after a break this year, with his more melodic voice back at full power for an acoustic performance.

British_Commie posted, “I wouldn’t take a one-off acoustic performance as an indication that Dave’s voice is back to how it was.

He isn’t singing, screaming or shouting anywhere near as loudly as he would during a normal live show.”

BoxOfCurryosExhausted said, “True. But from the looks of it he sounds healthy again, and the band sounds fucking great. Also compared to the acoustic version of LTF from 2017 or so it sounds amazing.”

Bball33 asked, “What had happened to his voice?”

BoxOfCurryosExhausted answered, “C&G tour fucked up his voice. Looks up any performance in 2017-2018 and you’ll see. It wasn’t too bad in 2019 but Reading Festival was rough you can tell by the end of it he was losing his voice.”

Foo Fighters were scheduled to tour this year to celebrate their 25th anniversary and release a new album, but they postponed both to 2021 due to the pandemic.