Miley Cyrus Covers Pearl Jam On MTV Unplugged


Miley Cyrus covered the 2009 Pearl Jam classic “Just Breathe” on MTV Unplugged last night. This isn’t Cyrus’ first foray into Grunge, as she performed “Say Hello 2 Heaven” with Temple of the Dog (and Pearl Jam) members Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in January 2019.

So if you think Pearl Jam may scoff at the idea of Pearl Jam singing one of their classics, you may have to think again! Eddie Vedder has also gotten more pop friendly in recent years, performing with Beyonce and Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus also has discussed being friends with Kurt Cobain, saying the two bonded over fatherhood, and that Cobain’s 1994 death devastated him enough to cancel his tour at the time.

Miley also bonded with Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni in photos at the ‘I Am The Highway’ tribute show, with the two keeping in touch on social media. Chris Cornell himself was spotted backstage in a photo with Miley Cyrus before his death. Miley even wore a Euphoria Morning shirt at the show, showing she isn’t just a casual Chris Cornell and Soundgarden fan.

Could Miley be the next great hope of Grunge? We will have to wait and see in 2021 when touring hopefully returns! Pearl Jam are also hoping to return, with an unseen No Code music video just being released.