Foo Fighters React To Surprising AC/DC Criticism


Taylor Hawkins reacted to some fans criticizing Foo Fighters for putting out similar sounding records over and over, much like AC/DC, in a new Apple Music interview with Matt Wilkinson. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Hawkins said about the new Foo Fighters album Medicine at Midnight and single Shame Shame, ‘I think we’ve picked Shame… Well, first of all, it’s super hooky, It’s the closest thing we’ve ever come to Another One Bites the Dust.

We’ve been considered the band that makes the same record over and over again from some people which, when you’re a rock and roll band and you have guitars, bass, and drums, and maybe a little keyboards here and there, there’s only so far…

And listen, I don’t mind being AC/DC, I love being AC/DC, I like AC/DC. But I think that the intent, if there was an intent with putting Shame out first, it was definitely to say, ‘Hey, this is record is different than any record we’ve ever made.

Trust us, this one’s going to…’ You’ll definitely be like, ‘Huh?'” I’m sure people are scratching their heads when they hear it for the first time, like, Wait a second, that’s a drum loop.

He also discussed wanting to tour in summer 2021, “I’ve been on the road pretty much consistently for 25 years. So yes, I’m missing the live thing, the excitement, the butterflies, the strenuous three hour slogs.

I’m not necessarily missing touring. It sounds terrible, and by the time we do get back to it, which God knows when, hopefully this summer. I mean, we have booked dates for this summer.”