Foo Fighters’ Reaction To A Band Playing In Van Outside Their Concert Is Awesome


Glastonbury rock band Electric Fox crashed Foo Fighters’ show at the Frome Cheese and Grain last Friday.  Read an excerpt from SomersetLive‘s article below.

We headed towards Frome at full tilt, knowing this was almost certainly a terrible idea. The van was crammed full of musical equipment and band members. I squatted in the back for most of the trip, next to the drummer and a full drum kit, with guitars and cymbals falling around our heads as the van lurched along winding country roads.

As we neared the venue of the rumoured Foo Fighters gig we had no idea what to expect. I was fairly sure the band would end up making fools of themselves and perhaps be arrested.

As we pulled up in the car park of the Frome Cheese and Grain we saw the lucky ticket-holders queuing and a hoard of fans milling about, hoping to get in. I hopped out of the van and made myself busy interviewing people in the queue.

I chatted to a few people in the queue while the band did a sneaky sound check in the back of their van. When they started playing I began to film.

The crowd applauded, the band sounded good and the people queuing were glad of a bit of entertainment.

They played out of the back of their van, drum kit inside, speakers on the roof and the guitarists and singer standing outside serenading the crowd.

After the band finished playing I asked them how it had gone and they told me that the Foo Fighters’ tour manager had come out and given them all tickets to get into the gig.

The guys were over the moon, they couldn’t believe their luck. Their gamble had paid off, not only had they not been boo’d and arrested, the crowd had loved them and they had been given passes to see the Foo Fighters!