Josh Homme Drops Sad Drug Use Bombshell


Josh Homme, the mastermind behind Queens of the Stone Age, and the one who always seems to be the focal point of negative press, has been known for his outlandish antics. However, Homme has turned a new leaf in his life. In a candid and intimate interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, he revealed that he has left behind his drug-fueled past and is now following the footsteps of his personal rockstar mentor, Iggy Pop. Iggy, once notorious for his substance abuse, transformed into a (mostly) sober rocker.

As reported by Revolver, Reflecting on his transformation, Homme shared: “For me, it’s also about not wanting to be the old druggie at a party. That’s weird. This isn’t the sixties… I believe it’s the natural progression into the next phase of my life. I’ve also quit smoking cigarettes. I think it’s because I’ve already done that enough—I’ve taken enough drugs to harm a small child, and I think that was my inner child, in fact. But I think it’s fine. It’s fine for me to explore other things now since I’ve already been there. I still enjoy a glass of wine.”

This is a huge step for Homme and his mental health as he continues to grow as a person.

Homme cited Iggy Pop as his enduring inspiration. Iggy, who went from being a pariah due to his addiction to becoming a celebrated and respected figure, has been a guiding light for Homme. He explained: “Iggy will have a few glasses of wine… and talking to Iggy about how he transitioned from a junkie that people avoided to a revered and cherished monument that he is today.”

This revelation marks a significant turning point in Homme’s life and career. With his new album, “In Times New Roman…,” set for release on June 16th via Matador, he embarks on a creative journey while embracing sobriety. The interview provides a glimpse into Homme’s personal growth and the profound impact Iggy Pop has had on his own evolution.

As Homme embraces this fresh chapter, fans eagerly anticipate the release of his new album, showcasing his artistic prowess and renewed energy.