Foo Fighters Reveal If New Drummer Will Be Replaced


The Foo Fighters have always been known for their resilience and unwavering spirit, and they have once again demonstrated this. After the devastating loss of their beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins, the rock giants took a necessary hiatus to mourn and regroup. However, they recently made a big return to the stage, showcasing not only their exceptional musical prowess but also their ability to adapt and evolve. At their first show back as a touring band, the Foo Fighters welcomed Josh Freese as their official new drummer.

Taylor Hawkins’ tragic passing left a huge void within the Foo Fighters and their devoted fanbase. Hawkins was not only an incredibly talented musician but also an integral part of the band’s identity and energy. The uncertainty surrounding the band’s future was immense, and many questioned whether the Foo Fighters would ever be able to recreate their signature sound without him. However, with the introduction of Josh Freese as their new drummer, the band took a giant leap towards filling that void.

Josh is no stranger to the music industry. Renowned for his exceptional drumming skills, he has lent his talent to a multitude of bands and artists, including Nine Inch Nails, Devo, and The Vandals, just to name a few.

Josh’s technical prowess, versatility, and ability to adapt to different musical styles have earned him accolades and respect from both fellow musicians and fans alike. Freese’s extensive experience and undeniable talent make him an exciting addition to the Foo Fighters’ lineup.

In a recent Instagram post (see below) the Foo Fighters welcomed Josh Freese to the family. This left many wondering on Reddit; is Josh Freese the full time drummer for the band? Well, looking at the comments, we are split. Some fans say yes and others say no. Most fans feel Josh should be the mainstay for the band, regardless.

The Foo Fighters’ first show back as a touring band since the tragic loss of Taylor Hawkins will be etched in the annals of rock history. The introduction of Josh Freese as their new drummer has reinvigorated the band and revitalized their unmistakable sound. With Freese’s remarkable talent and the band’s unwavering spirit, the Foo Fighters continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. As they forge ahead, the legacy of