Foo Fighters Reveal How Member Grabbed Famous Hollywood Star’s Ass


Foo Fighters recently recorded a video discussing their experiences on Saturday Night Live, and bassist Nate Mendel told a funny story about original drummer William Goldsmith grabbing ER star Anthony Edwards’ ass on stage at the end of a show.

Nate Mendel said, “I remember William grabbing Anthony Edwards’ ass. So it’s the credits at the end and everyone is hugging and hanging out. William just goes up, and [grabs].”

Dave Grohl remembered working with Christopher Walken on SNL, “Christopher Walken, he comes up and says is the accent on Foo or Fighters. We said, it’s on Fighters. He goes, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Foo Fighters.’ Then it was like, ‘Yeah, we got one!'”

Grohl also said, “The one thing that I noticed doing the couple of sketches that I’ve done is how on the fly everything is. I’ve rehearsed some stuff for the show just before they throw you out of wardrobe onto the stage. They’re like, ‘They cut it down to two minutes from five, so good luck.'”

Taylor Hawkins discussed Jim Carrey, “One time we played and Jim Carrey jumped up on stage with us and played his leg. We didn’t know he was going to do it, and he jumped on stage.”

Hawkins also remember played with Mick Jagger, “It’s Mick Jagger, so it’s your sitting there like, wow, we’re on stage with Mick Jagger. You can’t believe how preserved the guy is, mind and everything. The guy is just a badass, you just want to learn from a guy like that.”

Dave Grohl said Foo Fighters have played SNL so many times they were there for the beginning and end of a star’s run on the show, “Actually we played Kristen Wiig’s first show and her last show.”