Foo Fighters Reveal How They Recorded Surprise New Album


Dave Grohl discussed Foo Fighters’ new Bee Gees covers album in a new After School Radio interview with Mark Hoppus.

“When everything was still shutdown, we decided we’re not stopping working. Let’s keep working. Let’s go. So we would go to our studio every day, we get a rapid test and a PCR test and then go into the studio and film live performances of the new songs, filmed stuff for all these different… BBC and streaming people and stuff like that. And we would have a list every day on the wall. Here’s what you have to do. Live version of ‘Making a Fire,’ live version of ‘Shame Shame,’ live version of blah, blah, blah. And we need to do two of each. So we’d walk in, do a live version, film it, change our shirts, do another live version.

So at the end of one day it a record cover song. And we know a million cover songs. And so Rami, our keyboard player, he says, “Are we going to do one that we already know?” And in the corner of the control room, someone is like, “Oh my God, have you seen that Bee Gees documentary? It’s amazing.” And they were like the thousandth person I’ve heard say that. And I’m like, “What is this Bee Gees documentary?” And then was like, “Oh my God, you have to see it.” I was the last person to see it. And so I’m like, “Well, let’s just do a Bee Gees song.” And everyone’s like, “Really?” I’m like, “Yeah, why not?” They’re like, “Which one?” I’m like, “Let’s do, ‘You Should Be Dancing.'”

I think it was for the BBC. And so we recorded it and I didn’t realize that I could like, “(singing).” I had never done that before. Oh my God. It was so easy. I sang straight through twice, and we doubled it and it was done. Usually, with Foo Fighters I’m screaming my off, and I have to do like 100 takes anyway. So then the next day we go and we do all this stuff. And then at the end of the list, it says, “Record cover song.” And everyone’s like, “Well, what do you want to do today?” I’m like, “Let’s do another Bee Gees song.” So we did ‘Tragedy.’

So we do that. And then Taylor jokingly says, “Dude, we should make a record, and we should call it the Dee Gees.” We were having so much fun. We just kept recording more. We did like ‘More Than a Woman,’ we did ‘Night Fever,’ we did ‘Shadow Dancing.’ And the idea was that we release this on vinyl for Record Store Day, because we always love doing Record Store Day stuff. But then people really, they actually went out and got it. It’s funny because the whole thing was so off the cuff and so much fun that I read a bunch of stuff where people were like, “Well, I’m not sure about this new disco career direction Foo Fighters are taking.” And it’s like, “No, no, no. We were just f——g around.”