Motley Crue Family Finally Reveal Plastic Surgery


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan has revealed that she has had no plastic surgery on her body, but wasn’t quite as clear about her face. Vince Neil’s girlfriend recently reacted to a video of him with three young women.

Lauren Sullivan tweeted about a beautiful photo of Brittany, “Yes and her all natural body haha fake fake fake.”

Brittany responded, “My body is 100% unaltered by any surgery or cosmetics, not face but body yes, thx 👍🏼.”

beatingheartbae responded, “I don’t know how you deal with all the negative trolls, Brittany. Your fans know that your body is 100% natural, and like most of mankind, it’s totally normal to get some injections in the face. Nunya business!! People need to get a life!!”

Brittany recently posted on her social media, “I put all of the video for my podcasts up every Wednesday! here’s a little clip from my guest last week @erikgriffin where we commiserate about how the Instagram algorithm is making us bad friends 😩.” Brittany recently revealed a ‘sick’ demand Tommy Lee would reject.

crazy_people_go commented, “Podcast are so 2008, no one listens to em.”

Brittany shot back, “@crazy_people_go ur quite wrong my friend.”

ryryeli wrote, “Finally got to hear an episode while I was driving. I loved hearing your curiosity run about what’s after death, how we were made, etc. I had you on my car speakers so I’d like to just ask…pleeeeease don’t yell in the mic love.” Tommy Lee recently reacted to a fan saying his wife is really his daughter.