Foo Fighters Reveal Shocking New Album Concept


Foo Fighters have announced their new album Lunar Highways will be recorded on the Moon with former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge producing, and also filming a new HBO series about the making of the album.

Dave Grohl said, “The Foo Fighters name is based on UFO’s, it’s a match made in heaven to work with Tom.”

“Dave knows what’s up,” added Tom DeLonge. “This all fits into my Sekret Machines project. There are aliens on the Moon.”

“I spoke to them. They told me I need to go back to Blink, and that my replacement Matt Skiba’s an alien. He needs to go home, his planet needs him.”

“They also told me that we need to destroy every single copy of Blink-182’s California album. ‘Nananana’ is a battle cry to them, they think Mark Hoppus is declaring war. All of the proceeds from the album can be donated to my UFO research and John Podesta’s 2020 Presidential campaign.”

Working track titles on the album include “Learn to Fly (In Space)” and a song featuring DeLonge on vocals titled “F**k A Alien (Like A Dog).”