Dave Matthews Band Reveal Terrible Chris Cornell Secret


Chris Cornell’s death has been a frequent subject on The Howard Stern Show over the last 2 years, and Dave Matthews Band frontman Dave Matthews weighed in on a new vacation show replay episode. You can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Creed frontman Scott Stapp revealed that disease that killed Chris Cornell in a new interview.

MarksFriggin.com recapped: Howard asked if he’s consumed with death because he sings about it a lot. Dave said it’s either intimacy, love or death. He said some people write about money but that seems weird. He said Pink Floyd did good with that.

Howard asked Dave about how he’s considered killing himself. Dave said he has but he was lucky that he had people around him that explained things to him in a way that shined a light that helped him in that moment. He said he’s still not sure what happened with Chris Cornell. He said it’s hard to believe. He said everything seemed so good. He said it’s hard to compute. Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor revealed a heartbreaking Chris Cornell photo in Seattle a few days ago.

Dave said that someone once said to him at a bar that the only thing in the future that you’re already done is die. He said he thought that was a liberating way to say that is already done and behind you in a weird way. He said you don’t know how it’s going to happen. He said the point of living is a real question. He said if you try and answer it it’s something difficult to answer. He said that you might want to live to get a fast car. He said that’s not fully satisfying. He said you’ve already died and it hasn’t even happened yet. He said this friend had come to this place wondering about what the point of life is. He said it was so flat and so straightforward and matter of fact that it took the concern away from him.

Howard asked if he’s religious. Dave said not really. He said he grew up going to a Methodist church. He said he was raised Quaker by his mom but it wasn’t really god Quakers. He said his mom is a self proclaimed atheist. He said he finds it unlikely and hard to believe. He said he uses the idea of god that if someone was watching us what would they think. Howard said it sounds like he’s hedging his bet. Dave said not really but maybe that’s a good idea.