Foo Fighters Suffer Tragic Loss Before Show


Foo Fighters announced that their June 20th concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York City will be in memory of the band’s longtime stage manager, Andy Pollard, who died today after 12 years working with the Foos.

The band said, “We are shocked and devastated by this loss. We can’t imagine being onstage without Andy there by our side. He was not only a key member of our team but a dear friend and wonderful father. Our hearts go out to his partner Sophie Peacock, their children Arlo and Ren, and his family and loved ones.”

A fan posted on the Foos Reddit, “I just received this e-mail from Madison Square Garden. It confirms that there is no support act for the show. Doors at 6:30pm Showtime 8:00pm.

The e-mail also confirmed that ” Foo Fighters merch will be available for purchase inside the Madison Square Garden lobby starting at noon on Sunday, June 20. You do not need a ticket to enter this area. Enter through the Chase Square entrance located at 7th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets.”

A fan responded, “Copying my comment from a similar thread over in r/QoTSA:

I’d bet there are going to be a bunch of surprise guests and they’re just not announcing anything in advance. No way an event this big is literally just the Foo Fighters playing a normal set and that’s it, especially given Foo’s track record of guests at their shows.

Last week, MSG staff said Queens was playing. Then earlier this week, they said they’ll know openers 24-48 hours before the show. Then today, they said they will not have any opener information before the show. This gives me the impression they decided to just keep whatever is happening a surprise.

Only things left to do now…go to the show, hope Queens shows up, and rock the fuck out no matter what.”