Eddie Vedder Tour With Chad Smith Is Falling Apart


Unfortunately not everyone can get away from the virus and pandemic. That’s true for everyone spanning from every day normal people to celebrities such as Eddie Vedder himself. Fans of Eddie Vedder we’re looking forward to upcoming shows that was to see Eddie Vedder and the Earthlings, including Chad Smith, doing what they do best, entertaining all their fine fans from around the world.

Sadly, an upcoming show of theirs has been canceled due to a positive test for the virus. As of now, it seems that Eddie Vedder is okay, but we don’t know for sure, as Josh Klinghoffer got the virus. The statement that was put out by those running the social media pages did not say specifically who was affected by the virus, but it was someone who was close to the band and shared the road with them for these upcoming shows.

The statement was as follows: ”We have been following [virus] protocols but still had a positive test in our touring party. The appropriate response is to postpone the next two shows. Everyone, please take care.”

The statement then said: “Previously purchased tickets are valid for the rescheduled dates. If you cannot attend the rescheduled dates and desire a refund for your ticket, ticket refunds will be issued at the point of purchase.”

Shows for the upcoming weeks are still on the way that they were scheduled for, but people have to wait for the rescheduled shows for the show that has been affected by the virus. Fans are bummed out by this news, but the sentiment has still been pretty good considering the situation. Fans are really just glad that Eddie and the band are not going through anything too serious as of now. We will continue to monitor this story as the person with the virus still may have been around Eddie and the rest of the band without knowing.