Greta Van Fleet Singer Looks Miserable In New Photo


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka has posted new photos on his Instagram page of himself in a garden, and some fans have pointed out that the good looking singer looks unhappy in the photos, saying that they want to give him a hug. Josh Kiszka flipped off a camera and gave a peace sign in another new photo.

gvf.minx commented, “You look like you could use a hug! ❤️” they_call_me_deb responded, “@gvf.minx I agree!!” sean._._215 said, “You look so dissatisfied.” wtchy.wmn chimed in, “So very angsty.”

juliamolag wrote, “Those plants are beautiful, but someone should definitely give you a hug🌞🌹” the_random_radfem said, “How incredibly beautiful! Mother Nature sure does come up with some truly wondrous things… And those are some lovely plants, too. 😉😍”

Stereogum wrote about a recent Greta Van Fleet NOS Alive performance, “And, naturally, a couple of those European festival context surprises were less pleasant ones. No festival lineup is perfect, and one of the more head-scratching big stage performances was Greta Van Fleet.

Apparently, their structureless pastiche — solo after solo and wail after wail bled endlessly into each other, resembling a basement jam session from 1972 more so than finished songs — is also disturbingly popular across the Atlantic. The following day, Tom Walker’s bland pop represented another dip in the mid-evening programming. For what it’s worth, people still seemed to love that set, too.” Greta Van Fleet also recently revealed a huge AC/DC secret.