Watch Fox And Friends Call Out ‘Disgusting’ Pearl Jam


Fox and Friends did a segment a couple of days ago criticizing Pearl Jam for their poster depicting a dead President Donald Trump. You can watch video below.

The AP reports that Republicans on Wednesday condemned a poster by Pearl Jam that shows the White House in flames and a bald eagle pecking at a skeleton they say is meant to depict President Donald Trump.

The National Republican Senate Committee compared it to the now-infamous photo of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a fake decapitated Trump head.

The rock group’s Twitter account says the official poster from Monday’s concert in Missoula, Montana, is a collaboration between bassist Jeff Ament and Bobby Brown, an artist also known as Bobby Draws Skulls.

The “Rock2Vote” concert aimed to encourage young people to vote in the November midterm elections and support Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, who is from Ament’s hometown of Big Sandy.

Ament was unapologetic in an emailed statement Wednesday.

“The role of the artist is to make people think and feel, and the current administration has us thinking and feeling,” Ament said in the statement. “I was the sole conceptualist of this poster, and I welcome all interpretations and discourse.”

He ended the statement, “Love, from the First Amendment, Jeff Ament.”

The poster shows Tester in a tractor flying over a burning Washington, D.C., framed by the letters “P” and “J,” with smoke forming the word “Vote” in the background. President Trump is shown dead on the White House lawn.

On Sean Hannity’s Fox News program ‘Hannity’ this week, the conservative commentator ripped Pearl Jam for their depiction of President Trump’s death in a poster for a show in Missoula in support of Democrat Senator Jon Tester. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Hannity discussed the poster with an on screen graphic that said ‘The Left Goes Low,’ seemingly in reference to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s comment a couple of years ago where she said, ‘When they go low, we go high.’

“Now of course what segment on America’s left would be complete without an overt threat to the President of the United States. Take a look, this poster from the band Pearl Jam, which shows the skeletal remains of what appears to be a dead President Trump outside a burning White House. While Pearl Jam apparently wants the President to go down in flames, most Democrats will settle for impeachment.”

  • bryan mannoia

    too bad these aholes can’t spend this energy and time into making new music.

    • Tony Manley

      Just 5 burn out dudes from Seattle that are still riding a cpl albums from yester year.

  • Olga Stewart

    Well this is the network that mixed up Aretha Franklin with Patti LaBelle when announcing Aretha’s passing:

    • Kay B

      For real?

      • Olga Stewart


        In my comment, I linked to an article about it.

        • Kay B

          I know I’m just shocked they continue to be so stupid and not do research.

          • Olga Stewart

            I’m not shocked by it

            I think that is about the only thing this network is good at.

  • Kay B

    This is the same network that supports a man who grabs women by the pussy whenever he feels like it and who said his daughter has a nice figure and would date her sans being her father. That is more disgusting.

  • makingconnections

    The part of this story that is a drag is that the poster is being used to divide people further.

    A poster is art – art is often exaggeration for effect.

    No one wants Trump dead–they want him in the orange suit that he’s likely to be wearing in the future, as warned by one of his many lawyers.