Transcending 2016, And Rightfully So

Consider this: The year is 2016. Society takes a toll on you, changes take complete control, and things are evidently falling apart. Yet, you have a strong and burning passion for music and you manage to find the energy to create an album from scratch. Sitcoms For Aliens, the third release from Florida’s Noiseheads, may very well be a perfect showcasing of all of this. Nick, Joe, and Greg of Noiseheads have crafted a 12 song epic filled to the brim with truth, remorse, and reality. The lyrics and emotions within Sitcoms will leave you speechless. You will often times find yourself reflecting on them for how real they are. This album as a package truly leaves a sentimental lasting impact due to its association to current every day life. This album exists as 12 omnipresent songs.

Joe, Greg, and Nick existing in a surreal world

Sitcoms For Aliens as package truly encapsulates this time period in my life, personally. I know that I will forever look back on this controversial mess of a year in relation to this album. Noiseheads have captured this time period through their grim yet poppy melodies, beautifully dark collage oriented album artwork (Created by singer/guitarist Nick Gray’s wife Elizabeth), and gut wrenchingly passionate lyrical creations. As a comparison to prior releases such as their self titled EP and debut album 1994, the band has finally honed all of their skills. It is apparent that Noiseheads have matured significantly since their start in 2010. This album may very well be the “Superunknown” of their expanding catalogue due to its fresh originality. Each listen desires more listens, and leaves room for new interpretations.


Original collage on painted canvas, comprised of vintage magazines. The artwork was created by Nick’s wife Elizabeth. “It was simply a visual representation of the album title, which is a metaphor for one’s global perspective. Obviously, it was made in a way that you can make multiple interpretations from it but its relation with the music is supposed to reflect the range of emotions explored throughout.” – Nick Gray

Noiseheads have yet again outdone themselves. In a time of struggle and anxiety, I have personally found inner peace with this album. This record has connected with me unlike any other music in recent memory. Noiseheads have created a true work of art, and I hope that everyone can sit down and appreciate it for what it is. It is apparent that these three individuals have put their heart and soul into this creation.

“I’m still alive and it’s okay” – Noiseheads


Listen to Sitcoms For Aliens in its entirety for free on Youtube, courtesy of Noiseheads. This is the only available option as of now.