Frances Bean Cobain Announces Huge Kurt Cobain Event: ‘I’m Ecstatic’


Frances Bean Cobain has announced a new art/personal items show for her late father Kurt Cobain. From his sketches and drawings to clothing and a car, “Growing Up Kurt Cobain” will display dozens of Cobain’s personal items, some of them never seen before by the public. “Growing Up Kurt Cobain” opens on July 19th and will run until the end of September.

Frances Bean Cobain and Kurt’s mother Wendy O’Connor will attend the opening at the Museum of Style Icons in Newbridge, 30 miles southwest of Dublin.

“I have always been the most intimately informed of who my father was by my grandmother and aunts,” Frances Bean Cobain said.

“I am so ecstatic that their view of who Kurt was gets to be celebrated with Nirvana fans the world over.”

Fans of Cobain, who popularised grunge rock in the early 1990s, will be able to see the striped green jumper he wore in the video for Nirvana’s 1991 hit Smells Like Teen Spirit and his MTV Video award for the same song.

The singer’s childhood drawings of cartoon characters, handwritten lyrics and powder-blue 1965 Dodge Dart car will also be on display.

“With this exhibition we hope to bring the focus back to Kurt’s roots, vision and artistic genius, to inspire everyone not to lose their creativity and childlike wonder,” Cobain’s sister, Kim Cobain, said.