Billy Corgan Criticizes Smashing Pumpkins Jimmy Fallon Reunion Performance


The Smashing Pumpkins recently debuted their reunion lineup featuring original members Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin by performing their new single “Solara” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Billy Corgan’s wasn’t completely satisfied with the performance. Corgan discussed the performance in an interview with Howard Stern.

He said, “We were okay I thought.”

“We can be better for sure.”

“I think we all felt like we just didn’t play up to our capability.”

“Fallon couldn’t be nicer, and the great staff and everything. Sometimes TV is a bit intimidating. You work in TV, the bright light hits sometimes.”

Corgan rated the performance a 7/10, a C.

“You want to be perfect.”

After the band performed “Solara” on Howard Stern, Corgan said he preferred this performance. Howard told Jimmy Chamberlin that his drum part was difficult.

Chamberlin said, “Usually I’m thinking about my grocery list when I’m playing.”

“It’s pretty early for this one.”

Corgan said, “I thought the band was great, I thought we did a nice version. The vocal was a bit eh, because it’s froggy. I give it an 8.7.”

Howard noticed lack of solos in the song.

Corgan said, “We gave that up. We used to get in trouble for doing solos.”

“We don’t have time anymore for solos.”

Howard said “Solara” is a ‘sexy song.’

Corgan responded, “If you play this song while your making love to your woman-”

Chamberlin interrupted, “To your shapeshifter.”

Corgan added, “She will shapeshift for you.”

Howard joked that James Iha shapeshifted during the “Solara” performance.

“James shapeshifted into a lizard during that song. That was pretty cool, I hope you do that in concert.”

  • Olga Stewart

    Here we go with the shape shifting again. :(.

    • Evan Jones II

      You can’t hold Billy for a definite maybe…he’s always shifty…I mean shity.
      Not a bad effort….the band has talent

  • Brian Ashton Lee

    Again, Billy missed the point of what makes the pumpkins great. I WANT the guitar solos. That’s what attracted me, and the lack of solos is what pushes me away. They sound flat and generic without them.
    But, you know, Billy knows what’s best. Fuck what the fans want.

  • James Joyce

    Corgan gave Trump a hand job at Taj Majal back when it was open.

    • John Q Public

      You sound jealous! Not sure if you wanted to receive…or give

  • Stone Gossardish

    Stern and Robin couldn’t name 7 Pumpkins songs, let alone one that was not played on radio. Howard was amazed by the guitar work on a song that’s as old as his movie now. Okay.

    And Howard didn’t credit this site for the interview and subsequent posts from D’arcy that they talked about for a long time. Typical Stern, and I’m a big fan of his. But when musical guests go in there, it’s cringe worthy more often than not.

    • Chris

      You’re an idiot.

      • Stone Gossardish

        That may be true. But I know the SP catalog a lot better than what’s on the radio. And I can rip off a half dozen cringe worthy moments for Stern interviewing musicians from the past 5 years in about 2 minutes. So I hope you’re basing your evaluation on something other than trying to defend an old man with stale musical taste and less musical knowledge than he
        thinks he has.

        It took away form the actual Smashing Pump, mate.

        • Chris

          Even more of an idiot. Your posts are usually cringe worthy,

          • Stone Gossardish

            Yea, that was a pretty ridiculous statement I made. Clearly.

          • Olga Stewart

            Pot, kettle, black?

      • Olga Stewart

        Actually, Stone is one of the most intelligent posters on here.

        And he is also usually correct in what he says (as he is with the comment above).

  • PearlGarden

    Who gives a flying rats backside what Billy Cardboard thinks? Not. Me. If I cared any less, I would be in a coma.

    • John Q Public

      If you cared less, you might not even comment O_o

    • Chris

      You replied with an angry message, so you care.

  • Dean Caldwell

    A “C” Pumpkins show is an “A” to most other bands

  • Gary Reilly

    This band has a lot of potential, I think they’re going places.

  • Bill Johnson

    I assume he’s kidding about giving solos up because he has always preached how he doesn’t gave a F what anyone wants him to do. SP had great solos in their songs.