Billy Corgan Criticizes Smashing Pumpkins Jimmy Fallon Reunion Performance


The Smashing Pumpkins recently debuted their reunion lineup featuring original members Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin by performing their new single “Solara” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Billy Corgan’s wasn’t completely satisfied with the performance. Corgan discussed the performance in an interview with Howard Stern.

He said, “We were okay I thought.”

“We can be better for sure.”

“I think we all felt like we just didn’t play up to our capability.”

“Fallon couldn’t be nicer, and the great staff and everything. Sometimes TV is a bit intimidating. You work in TV, the bright light hits sometimes.”

Corgan rated the performance a 7/10, a C.

“You want to be perfect.”

After the band performed “Solara” on Howard Stern, Corgan said he preferred this performance. Howard told Jimmy Chamberlin that his drum part was difficult.

Chamberlin said, “Usually I’m thinking about my grocery list when I’m playing.”

“It’s pretty early for this one.”

Corgan said, “I thought the band was great, I thought we did a nice version. The vocal was a bit eh, because it’s froggy. I give it an 8.7.”

Howard noticed lack of solos in the song.

Corgan said, “We gave that up. We used to get in trouble for doing solos.”

“We don’t have time anymore for solos.”

Howard said “Solara” is a ‘sexy song.’

Corgan responded, “If you play this song while your making love to your woman-”

Chamberlin interrupted, “To your shapeshifter.”

Corgan added, “She will shapeshift for you.”

Howard joked that James Iha shapeshifted during the “Solara” performance.

“James shapeshifted into a lizard during that song. That was pretty cool, I hope you do that in concert.”