Frances Bean Cobain Haircut Looks Eerily Like Kurt Cobain


Frances Bean Cobain has debuted her latest new look, she recently got a haircut several weeks ago, but she now appears to have dyed her hair blonder, especially compared to the dirtier blonde look she had recently been sporting. Frances looks eerily like her late father, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, in a new photo. She wrote on Instagram, “2019 is Wiley.”

mariafoxmm commented, “You’re like the most beautiful person ever (not to be dramatic or anything) 🌈💖”

ricardo_k20 commented, “Kurt eyes.” commented, “Honestly you’re so beautiful, I mean look at your eyes😍 Also I wanna know where you got that necklace from? It’s so pretty.”

mldelacroix commented, “Your eyes look like the water of the most beautiful and hidden and mysterious cave.”

brianruizgutierrez commented, “Wonderfull person like your father…. Send you greetings… By the way you paint very well.”

Frances-Bean Cobain shared a new video of herself in a mosh pit at a Slowthai concert. She filmed a shirtless guy run out just in front of her in the pit, as seen below. It’s been a busy Nirvana news week, as Krist Novoselic responded to Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theories just a few days ago with a stunning remark.