Frances Bean Cobain Mocks Haters Who Say She Doesn’t Need A Real Job Due To Kurt


Frances Bean Cobain mocked haters on Twitter who mocked her and others for not having to have ‘real jobs’ due to their rich fathers. Cobain’s father Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994.

One hater wrote, “Wow all I can say is you and Cooper have super cool super business savvy dads with awesome jobs.”

Another wrote, “No doubt…their dads mean no real job ever, and endless supply of whatever.”

Nick T. Simmons wrote, “We all talked and decided to send you an endless supply of extra small black tank tops from Gap Kids. You’re welcome.”

Cobain then mocked the haters, “It was a close decision between the tiny black tank tops from Kids Gap or a lifetime supply of giblets delivered by Carrot Top.”