Frances Bean Reportedly Taking Ex To Court For Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Worth Shocking Price


Frances Bean Cobain’s legal battle with her estranged husband Isaiah Silva over her late father Kurt Cobain’s guitar. Page Six reports:

Silva, a musician in the band the Eeries, claims that in happier times, Frances Bean gave him the guitar — a Martin D-18E with the bridge flipped so that Kurt could play it left-handed — as a wedding present when they secretly married in 2014. It was once insured for $1 million, but experts say it is now likely worth several times that amount.

The article also states:

We’re told that after months of negotiation, Silva is still holding out and — according to Frances Bean’s side — is taking “extreme and unsupportable positions” on the disagreement.

“He is forcing the matter to litigation,” we’re told. Meanwhile, sources close to the struggle say it ended in a deadlock, and Frances Bean is ready to take the matter in front of a judge.

An insider tells us, “In September, a judge ordered Frances Bean to pay Silva $15,000 a month in spousal support as part of an interim settlement while they worked out the guitar issue through mediation.”

Reps for an attorney for Silva didn’t get back to us.