Fred Durst Exposes Blatant Limp Bizkit Ripoff


Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst recently spoke against this week’s newly announced vinyl pressing of the aforementioned band’s 6x multi-platinum 2000 album, “Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water”, The PRP reported.

Fred Durst opens up on the matter

Enjoy The Ride Records officially launched the sales for that pressing yesterday (October 28th), serving it up in two different colored vinyl variants, and making the aforementioned reissue the first time in roughly two decades that “Chocolate Starfish” has been available on vinyl.

Speaking on Instagram, Durst shared screencaps of his comments directed towards that vinyl reissue, decrying it as “fake” and “unofficial”, while asserting that the band’s camp are working on an official option. The screenshots are the following:

Whether Durst’s comments on vinyl pressing for any Limp Bizkit album means that their latest record “Still Sucks”, released almost exactly a year ago, will finally see a physical release – vinyl or otherwise – remains unclear. Unlike all of their previous albums, “Still Sucks” has never been released on any physical format, just on digital platforms.

However, the latest update on the situation adds includes Durst’s new comment on the matter. It seems that everything is okay after he talked to the company owner. He said: