Freddie Mercury Bandmate Reveals ‘Saddest Photo Ever’


Freddie Mercury bandmate and Queen guitarist Brian May revealed ‘one of the saddest pictures’ he’s ever posted on Instagram a couple of days ago. May posted a stunning photo yesterday, asking for fans to please ‘forgive me.’

He wrote, “This is one of the saddest pictures I will ever post. No creature deserves to live in endless solitary misery like this. PLEASE support the Campaign for Non-Human rights. @nonhuman.rights.project —- Spread the word for the sake of this poor creature and so many others. Surely it’s time. Bri.”

nonhuman.rights.project commented, “Brian: thank you so much for all you’ve done for the NhRP and the nonhuman animals we seek to free! To all: If you’re reading this and you’re in or near NYC, please join us August 10th at 10 am outside the Bronx Zoo to rally for freedom and sanctuary for Happy! You can learn more at the link in our bio and our most recent post. ⚖️🐘.”

May responded, “@nonhuman.rights.project —- I AM 100 PER CENT WITH YOU. THIS BREAKS MY HEART —- Bri.”

A Freddie Mercury teen boy video resurfaced recently. May wrote in another post, “In contrast, I offer this moment in the life of @anneatsaveme – yesterday. How does this feel ? This little rescued family here receives the greatest gift of all, after some TLC – FREEDOM !!! I hold it self-evident that every creature on Earth deserves this gift. Do you agree ? Bri.”