Steven Tyler Bizarre Bathroom Accusation Revealed


KFAN’s Chris Hawkey organized the Twin Cities Summer Jam in Minnesota, and he has claimed on the Power Trip radio show that Steven Tyler made a bizarre toilet demand for the show on his rider. Tyler was called a ‘spoiled brat’ by a surprising name for his behavior.

Power Trip Wiki wrote, “Tyler, along with his band Aerosmith, were the Friday night headliners at the Twin Cities Summer Jam in 2019. According to reports, Tyler was refusing to play unless the VIP section was more filled in. Ultimately, concert organizers were forced to let General Admission fans into the VIP area to meet Tyler’s demands.

At one point in the concert, Tyler referred to the crowd as the “worst fucking audience” he has seen in 10 years when they did not sing the chorus of “What It Takes” to his liking.

Among the demands Tyler made of the organizers was a private bathroom near the stage with a toilet water temperate that was not too cold. One of the members of Soul Asylum, who performed at the Festival the previous day, attempted to use Tyler’s private bathroom only to discover it was locked.”

Hawkey said on the Power Trip show, “As a festival you make choices about what you’re going to do about seating, and because we paid an exorbitant amount of money for Aerosmith to be at this festival, we had to sell some VIP seating in order to make enough money to have a festival.”

“You can’t just do General Admission to book Aerosmith for the kind of money.”