Freddie Mercury Bandmate Reveals Terrible Police Video


Freddie Mercury bandmate and Queen guitarist Brian May has uploaded a new video featuring the band’s police escort, which he feels terrible about having to leave shows quickly, but says the band need in order to tour at their age. May revealed the ‘saddest photo ever’ yesterday.

“Gotta love a Police Escort !!! You all thought this was what it’s ALWAYS like on tour with Queen, right ? 😊 💥💥💥💥it’s actually one of the best perks of the job because (1) it makes you feel so smug to be indisputably on the right side of the law (2) it makes you feel important, even if you’re not. (3) you can go through red lights

(4) even though it hurts to run out of a place full of people who love you and are excited about what you just did, it gets you out quick enough to get on the plane which will take us to the next port if call. Because (5) we need to wake up tomorrow morning in New York City. THANKS GUYS !!! Bri💥💥💥💥”

Brian May leaked a photo from a secret Freddie Mercury project a few days ago, writing, ‘please forgive me.’ He also wrote, “THANK YOU dear folks at the PPP Paints Arena tonight. So happy to see how Pittsburg has blossomed and prospered in the New Age. My pal the Cyborg felt particularly at home. You guys gave us your hearts tonight. And I think it was mutual. I loved it.

See you again some day soon I hope. Cheers ! 💥💥💥💥 And – I nearly forgot – Thank you @mary26terry for the photo. – Bri. Thanks for asking about the guitar knob. Nope – we never found it. I don’t@think it’s coming back …”