Eddie Vedder Family Reveal Heartbreaking Emergency


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder‘s wife Jill Vedder made a post about a heartbreaking emergency. Eddie Vedder made a major 2020 announcement a couple of days ago, as fans await a Pearl Jam new album announcement.

“#Repost @everymomcounts Yesterday, we issued an emergency grant to @suenossinfronterastx—a Texas-based collective committed to supporting the health needs of asylum-seeking women and children—to provide showers and address the hygiene needs of migrant families arriving into San Antonio from the Texas-Mexico border.

Heartbreaking reports of asylum seeking men, women and children being subjected to mistreatment and unsanitary conditions in migrant resource facilities along the U.S. southern border have left many of us asking, what can we do?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our near-decade history, it’s that sometimes simple solutions can have outsized impact. For the many women arriving pregnant, some with high-risk pregnancies, some having had no prenatal care at all, safe access to a clean shower and personal hygiene products could not only help prevent sickness, but also help restore their dignity and self-worth.

Want to contribute? Buy much-needed items from @suenossinfronterastx’s Amazon Wish List.”

A fan named Lizzy commented, “I crossed the border at 5 years old in 1988. As I crossed with my entire family we saw dead bodies on our paths. We were extremely lucky because the ones guiding us through the border where children. Kids not much older than 13 years. My life here I knew it was a horrible mistake to be here and I begged my parents to send me back. I will never be impressed ever with this country’s values..”

Vedder recently called out a ‘shameful’ big name in an emotional post.