Freddie Mercury Creepy ‘Glove’ Video Revealed


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury showed off his glove that he got from ‘the devil’ in a newly resurfaced video. Freddie Mercury’s AIDS rant to Brian May was revealed a couple of days ago. Freddie Mercury Club wrote:

Real Diamonds from Devil. “Thank you very muchchch”. That emphasis on “ch.”

“Do you like my claws?” The way he’s showing off his glove and the way he says “claws” I love his accent. “They’re real diamonds.” Oh Freddie you’re the real diamond.

“It’s a present from the Devil himself.” If you say so Freddie. “You don’t believe me?! They don’t believe me!” Omg his devilish laugh and the way he turns back to the guys on stage and says that kills me, like a child who’s referring to his siblings for backup support for the crazy stories he’s telling his friends.

P.S. And don’t even get me started on that outfit and how ridiculously gorgeous our long haired 28 year old Freddie looks here… all flirty and super dramatic and devilishly sexy. Live at the Rainbow 1974.

Freddie Mercury ‘stroking’ before his death was recently revealed. Freddie Mercury Club also posted:

This is exactly me when I listen to Freddie’s voice…I’m sure this is what every person who has heard Freddie’s voice for the first time has experienced…

P.S. These beautiful vocals are from the very beginning of “You Take My Breath Away” a song in which Freddie has multi-tracked his own voice to achieve something as exquisite as what you hear…it gives me shivers every single time and makes me wanna cry because the first time I heard this opening it was during a special part of a documentary…Overwhelmingly beautiful. Freddie Mercury made a sad Queen money revelation before his death.