Rush Singer Disrespected By Big Name On Television


Rush singer Geddy Lee was spotted at the New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays baseball game in Seattle over the weekend, and the Yankees television broadcast mentioned his presence, but sadly one of the announcers was not a fan of Rush. What disrespect to one of the greatest bands of all time! Rush drummer Neil Peart taking an eerie backstage photo was revealed yesterday.

David Cone asked his broadcast partner Michael Kay, “You a Rush fan Michael, the band Rush?”

Kay responded, “Wouldn’t say fan, but I wouldn’t say I dislike them.”

Cone said, “You know who is back there is Geddy Lee, a fantastic baseball fan, a Blue Jays fan.”

He added, “He was part of our celebration in 1992. I was a part of that Blue Jays team that won in 1992, Geddy Lee was there in Atlanta, he was hanging out at the afterparty with us. He’s legit, a big time baseball fan. Great guy.”

Geddy Lee is a huge baseball fan like Cone said, even stating that since Rush retired it’s been a major hobby he has taken up his time with. Lee has also gone on book signing tours, and hinted at future music projects despite Neil Peart having retired, but Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee have expressed interest in playing together again, though it wouldn’t be under the Rush name. Geddy Lee recently revealed how long his fantasy Rush reunion shows would last.