Freddie Mercury ‘Stroking’ Before Death Revealed


Fredie Mercury Club discussed the late Queen frontman stroking his last new cat shortly before his death in an emotional new post. Freddie Mercury showing up at a young boys party was revealed in a photo a few days ago. Below is the Freddie Mercury Club post, where boyfriend Jim Hutton is quoted:

“Freddie was in the garden, so I walked slowly towards him, beaming. Freddie scowled at me. ‘You bastard! You’ve got another cat, haven’t you?’ ‘How did you know?’ I asked. ‘His tail is sticking out from under your jacket.’

I took the kitten from my jacket and put her on the ground. Freddie bent down, stroked her, and couldn’t resist picking her up. Freddie quickly christened our sixth cat. ‘We’ll call her Lily.'”

P.S. The idea of Freddie seeing the tale sticking out and picking up the kitten to stroke him melts my heart… 😍.

So there! The story of the last kitten who became a member of the Mercury family. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m done posting about Freddie and his cats because we still have much much more to cover. Brian May recently revealed a ‘naughty’ Freddie Mercury video.

In the 3rd photo on Freddie’s famous cat vest ou can see Lily’s image on Freddie’s right shoulder btw.

I’m also gonna add all the cat stories I’ve done so far (Delilah, Tiffany, Goliath, Oscar, Miko and now Lily) to a special story highlight in my bio so you guys can find each one easily. Freddie Mercury revealing a disease worse than AIDS was detailed a couple of days ago.