Freddie Mercury Excited By Bandmate In Dress Photo


Queen members Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor wearing cute skirts was recently revealed in rare photos from a video shoot, and Freddie seems excited about the great outfits they got to wear! Freddie Mercury kissing his boyfriend in an emotional photo was recently uploaded.

Queen are currently on tour with Adam Lambert, and Brian May wrote about recently visiting New Orleans. He said, “IMPOSSIBLE to capture the magic of a moment in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The current of life is so strong here. To me it’s comparable with Venice (the Italian one !) in that it’s a bubble of space-time which miraculously holds its character in the face of the march of 21st century ‘improvements’.

Where Venice has epic architecture and gondolas, the French Quarter has … above all … MUSIC ! It’s everywhere – they don’t need stages or sound amplification. Music flows from every doorway and window, and lights up every corner. I’d say that if someone is tired of life and despondent about their place in it … spend a few days in New Orleans.

Take breakfast in the garden at Cafe Beignet on Rue Royale, stroke the cats, watch people go by, and breathe in the music in the air. It’s magic. And at night … on Frenchmen Street or at Preservation Hall you will hear notes that Mozart never dreamed of !!! And then there is Bourbon Street !

You can eat, drink and be alive, and for a moment forget there is a world outside. Oh – sorry – did I get all schmaltzy ? Well, I’m not apologising. Wishing you all music and joy today. Bri.” Gene Simmons recently uploaded a photo of himself partying with a Freddie Mercury bandmate.