Howard Stern Reveals If Billy Corgan Is Terrible Singer


Howard Stern revealed that The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has a ‘great voice’ on his show recently. Stern saying Corgan was ‘off the radar’ was revealed in leaked audio a few months ago. recapped: Howard came back and took a call from Ralph Cirella who said he hates people singing at concerts too. Howard said he thinks guys want to impress women or something. Ralph said it’s just annoying. Howard said he paid to hear Billy Joel or Paul McCartney and he doesn’t want to hear these guys singing.

Ralph said he went to Irving Plaza for a show and he saw this guy singing in the crowd. He said he turn around and it turned out to be Billy Corgan so he moved closer to hear him singing. Howard said that’s who you want to hear sing. He said the guy can sing. Ralph said he made the show good. Howard said that’s an unusual circumstance. Howard said it’s wrong to sing at a concert. He said he just hates people. Robin said people are annoying and you have to realize that.

Billy Corgan later reacted to Howard Stern saying he was ‘off the radar.’ Corgan kicked off his fall 2019 solo tour on Monday night in Los Angeles. He wrote on social media, “Backstage, show 1. Photo by @lindastrawberry. Played 28 songs, fighting the allergens in the air from the awful fires. Amazing audience. I am truly, truly grateful.”

He later posted a video and said, “Reflections on Show 1 of #ThirtyDaysCotillions tour, tonight’s premiere of episode 5 of @NWA Powerrr! As well as a reminder to check out the Thirty Days: Revisited mini-doc that just came out on SP’s YouTube, if you haven’t seen it it’s your first chance to hear some of the songs off Cotillions.” Billy Corgan revealed that he covered Nirvana last week.

Billy Corgan November 4, 2019 LA Setlist:
Hard Times
To Scatter One’s Own
Faithless Darling
Apologia (Poppies…Sleep)
Cri De Couer
Buffalo Boy
The Spaniards
Half-Life of an Autodidact
Little Maggie
Violet Rays
Endless Summer
Tonight, Tonight
Every Time The Sun Comes Up
Another Bridge to Burn
Hangin’ On
Daphne Descends
Black Lung
Cast A Stone
Silvery Sometimes